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Nursing Home Abuse

elderly woman in nursing home

As our population ages, more of our loved ones and senior citizens find themselves living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  Unfortunately, nursing home abuse does occur.  A lawyer experienced in representing families of nursing home abuse victims can help determine if abuse or neglect has occurred.  Even though nursing homes are regulated by both the state and federal governments and assisted living facilities are regulated by the state, the regulations are often inadequate and poorly enforced.  Many regulations are established by the owners of the very homes that are being regulated.

Obviously, many facility residents are on fixed incomes, which means there is a set amount of income coming into the facility per resident.  Therefore, the facility owners increase profits by reducing expenses.  Before placing your loved one in a facility ask to speak with the administrator.  You can tell a lot about the facility by the person in charge.

Reducing expenses means cutting corners.  Homes routinely try to reduce costs by paying low wages, hiring inadequate staff, skimping on meals, and not properly dispensing medication. As a result, residents suffer neglect and sometimes abuse.

We have successfully resolved many cases involving nursing and rest home negligence.  We take particular pride in helping your loved one and hopefully changing the course of an industry for the benefit of us all.

If you are interviewing facilities, it is important to fully investigate the facility before making a selection.  Hoyt Tessener has provided important information that will help you select the right nursing home.

Facility Ratings and Regulation

The North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation provides an online tool for reviewing Facility Star Ratings.  The Star Rated Certificate program for assisted living facilities was established in response to requests from North Carolina citizens for increased availability of public information regarding the care provided in adult care facilities.  The program became effective January 1, 2009.  It is important to note that facilities will not receive a Star Rating until after their first annual inspection in 2009, and a Star Rating will not be issued for a facility until it has been inspected.

The Division of Health Service Regulation also provides a hotline to file a complaint.  Within North Carolina, you may call toll-free to 800-624-3004, or from out-of-state, dial 919-855-4500.  You may mail a complaint to:  Complaint Intake Unit, 2711 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC  27699-2711.

Medicare offers online government booklets that explain:  how to find and compare nursing homes, how to pay for nursing home care, nursing home residents' rights, and where to call for help.



Our client was left unattended at an assisted living facility center resulting in a fall and a broken leg.  She was then transferred to a nursing home which was owned by the same company that owned the assisted living facility.

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After caring for their mother for several years, two daughters were forced to place their mother in a nursing home. After only 38 days, a volleyball size bedsore developed on the mother's back.

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Sandra Outlaw spent her life as an educator. When diabetes began attacking her body, she lost both of her legs due to vascular problems caused by diabetes.

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Sandra's Story


In a nursing home only 38 days, Sandra's mother developed a bed sore the size of a volleyball. Sandra and her sister rented a special bed for $90 a day for their mother exhausting her life savings. When the money ran out, the facility replaced the bed with an air mattress. Because of the height of the air mattress, their mother rolled off of the mattress breaking her hip.

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