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Fatal Falls Appear To Be on the Rise Among Elderly Americans

By Martin & Jones on May 21, 2012

Fatal falls seem to be on the rise for our senior citizens. According to Medical News Today, each year, one in three older adults in the U.S. falls, making falls the leading cause of injury related deaths for older Americans. The costs per year associated with the treatment of fall related injuries in the older adult population is expected to reach a staggering $55 billion by 2020.

Although there has a been a dramatic increase in the number of fall related deaths in the past decade, the cause of this increase is thought to be in new methods of reporting injuries and deaths associated with falls. The injuries and other complications which stem from falls and lead to death of patients sometimes take weeks or months to develop, such as pneumonia. New reporting methods now link those subsequent injuries and complications to falls as the initial cause more often today.

The report states that fatal falls are a major health concern. Accurate interpretation of recent trends is critical for understanding the effect of ongoing measures designed to prevent fall injuries in the elderly.