Talk To A Lawyer Before Settling Your Car Accident Claim

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If you or a family member has been injured in a serious motor vehicle accident, you may feel as if your world is falling apart. Medical expenses, lost wages, endless amount of paperwork and pain from your injuries can be overwhelming.

Adding to the difficulty of this situation, financial concerns and calls from insurance company representatives may cause you to feel pressured to settle your claim quickly. Before making a decision, consult an experienced attorney without obligation.

Caring Legal Advocacy For Car Accident Victims In North Carolina

At Martin & Jones, our lawyers understand the struggles you face following a tragic car accident. Helping people is all we do, and your complete recovery is our goal.

You deserve more than just payment of your existing medical expenses and lost wages from missing work. You may also be entitled to recover damages for long-term medical care, future earnings, as well as pain and suffering. If a family member died as a result of the accident, those left behind may receive a monetary recovery that will help them face the future.

Obtaining compensation for a car accident is more complicated than simply negotiating for a settlement with an insurance company. We are committed to helping you understand your options, and we will fight tirelessly to help you recover all of your losses so you do not feel the need to settle your claim before you are completely recovered.

Compassionate Guidance. Exceptional Results.

Since 1982, our attorneys have helped thousands of individuals and families recover losses suffered from numerous types of negligent acts. We can help you obtain compensation, helping to provide for the financial future of your family. Don't take our word for it, listen to what our clients say and review our record of successes.

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