Devoted Assistance for Families Dealing With Birth Injuries

The birth of your child can be the most exhilarating and challenging time of your life. All parents and extended family members want the entire process to go well for both the baby and the mother. Unfortunately, a momentary lapse of attention by a doctor or nurse can lead to catastrophic complications.

If you believe you or your baby did not receive adequate care from those sworn to protect your health, seek the help of an experienced and compassionate birth injury attorney.

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Since 1982, Martin & Jones has provided supportive and professional legal guidance to individuals and families following tragic situations. Although it may be very difficult to discuss your loss, we will guide you through this difficult time with compassion and skill. Our lawyers will assess your unique situation and help you determine if you have a claim for medical malpractice.

During the delivery, much of the focus is on the newborn, but mothers are at risk as well. During your labor, delivery and the postpartum period following the delivery, health care providers have a responsibility to closely monitor you and the effects that the birthing process is having on you.

While many deliveries occur without complications, babies injured near the time of birth may face lifelong physical or mental disabilities. Pulling too hard on a baby’s head during delivery may lead to Erb’s palsy. Birth trauma or a lack of oxygen can cause brain damage — leading to conditions such as cerebral palsy — or wrongful death.

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While no amount of money will ever compensate for your loss, a monetary recovery can help ensure that your child receives the care he or she needs for the rest of his or her life. We are committed to you and your child, and we will work tirelessly to help provide you with a successful outcome.

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