Occupational Exposure

The lawyers at Martin & Jones have extensive experience representing injured workers in occupational toxic exposure cases.

Ordinarily, when a worker is injured at work, he is entitled to limited workers’ compensation benefits only. However, if the workplace injury results from the negligence or fault of another person or party (a “third party”), the worker may be entitled to a recovery beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Moreover, a worker who suffers from an illness or disease from a toxic exposure in the workplace may be entitled to damages beyond those recoverable in the workers’ compensation system.

Since 1982, Martin & Jones has been helping injured workers receive the recovery they deserve in the following types of cases:

We Can Help You

Serious workplace injury and hazardous substances exposure cases are complicated and require a team of professionals with the knowledge, experience, and resources to go the distance. Martin & Jones has a long, successful record in such cases and has the expertise and resources needed to appropriately evaluate and successfully pursue these cases.