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ER Diagnosed But Failed To Treat Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever Causing Brain Damage In Child

A two-year-old little girl was treated at an emergency department for high fever and rash. In the ER she was not seen by a doctor, but by a nurse and a physician’s assistant. The physician’s assistant thought the child had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but neglected to give the child the antibiotic that easily treats the disease. The little girl was sent home without ever seeing a doctor, and two days later she developed full-blown Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and as a result suffered permanent, severe brain damage. Martin and Jones filed a lawsuit on behalf of the little girl, and after testimony was taken from the people working in the emergency room that evening, a $5.125 Million pre-trial settlement was reached for the little girl. This settlement allows her parents to care for her in a home environment and to provide her with the care, therapies and equipment that she needs.

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