The loss of a loved one is a tragic event. No amount of money can ever replace a parent, spouse, child or sibling. When a loved one dies because of the carelessness or negligence of another, it is a wrongful death. The law allows family members to be compensated for their losses, including medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, as well as the loss of the loved one’s earnings, support, love, affection and guidance. An experienced wrongful death lawyer understands the importance of representing those who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of others.

The decedent’s estate is authorized by law to bring a lawsuit for wrongful death. The estate is represented by an executor or administrator, who may be a spouse, adult child, parent, or in some cases brothers, sisters, or more distant relatives.

Statutes of limitation

Even though you are involved in the grieving process, you may need to act quickly due to statutes of limitation which bar wrongful death claims after a certain period of time. Whether the death was caused by any of the following:

You should act immediately by contacting an experienced attorney to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death to determine whether a case exists and who is responsible. Any delay in investigating the circumstances of the death and identifying the responsible parties may result in the disappearance of evidence or witnesses, thereby jeopardizing the claim. Laws vary from state to state, but wrongful death cases must be filed within a certain period of time after the date of death, or the claim is forever barred.

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