Shipyard Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos was a popular material within shipyards during the middle of the 20th century. From the 1940s through the 1970s in particular, asbestos was incorporated into nearly every aspect of shipbuilding. Favored for its fire and corrosive-resistant properties, asbestos was considered an ideal building material for ships. It was used to insulate hulls, pipes, incinerators and boilers and in materials such as gaskets, valves and cement throughout the ship.

The contained nature of ships meant that most workers aboard them were exposed to asbestos dust at some time. Workers who worked in tight spaces, such as boiler rooms and engine rooms, received even greater exposure. Many of these workers developed asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

Workers In Danger Of Developing Mesothelioma

Virtually every occupation at the shipyard was at risk of significant asbestos exposure, including pipe coverers, shipwrights, pipefitters, boiler workers, carpenters, engine room mechanics, electricians, insulators, maintenance mechanics, millwrights, sheet metal workers and welders.

Despite the fact that asbestos is no longer being used in the manufacture of ships, the material itself has not been completely eradicated from all ships. Shipyard workers remain at risk.

Representing Shipyard Workers For More Than 25 Years

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Known Asbestos Exposure Shipyards In The United States

The following are some of the shipyards in the United States with known asbestos exposure:


  • Alabama Dry Dock & Shipbuilding Company - Mobile, AL
  • Bender Shipbuilding - Mobile, AL
  • Chickasaw Shipyard - Chickasaw Shipbuilding and Car Co. - Chickasaw, AL
  • Alaska
  • Seward Ship's Drydock - Seward, AK





  • J. A. Jones - Brunswick, GA
  • Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation - Savannah, GA



  • Avondale Shipyard - New Orleans, LA
  • Bollinger Shipyards - Lockport, LA
  • Conrad Industries, Inc. - Morgan City, LA
  • Delta Shipbuilding - New Orleans, LA
  • Martin Terminal - Leeville - Port Fourchon, LA



  • Baltimore Marine Industries - Sparrows Point, MD
  • Bethlehem Shipbuilding - Sparrows Point, MD
  • Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard - Baltimore, MD
  • General Ship Repair Corporation - Baltimore, MD
  • Indian Head NSF - southern Maryland
  • Key Highway Shipyard - Baltimore, MD
  • Maryland Shipbuilding & Dry Dock - Baltimore, MD
  • U.S. Coast Guard Yard - Curtis Bay - Baltimore, MD
  • U.S. Naval Academy - Annapolis, MD




  • Ingalls Shipbuilding - Pascagoula, MS

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

  • Bethlehem Steel Company - Staten Island, NY
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard - Brooklyn, NY
  • Caddell Dry Dock and Repair Company, Inc. - Staten Island, NY
  • Derecktor New York - Mamaroneck, NY
  • GMD Shipyard Corporation - Brooklyn Navy Yard - Brooklyn, NY
  • Todd Shipyard - Brooklyn, NY

North Carolina

  • North Carolina Shipbuilding Company - Wilmington, NC




Rhode Island

South Carolina


  • American Bridge Shipyard - Orange, TX
  • Brown Shipbuilding Company - Houston, TX
  • Consolidated Steel Corporation - Orange, TX
  • Galveston Docks - Galveston, TX
  • Kane Shipbuilding & Boiler Works - Galveston, TX
  • Naval Station Ingleside - Kingsville, TX
  • Orange Shipbuilding - Orange, TX
  • Pennsylvania Shipyard - Beaumont, TX
  • Port Adams Shipyard - TX
  • Todd Shipyard - Houston, TX



Washington, D.C.

  • Washington Navy Yard - Washington, D.C.

U.S. Companies