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Burns & Electrical Injuries
Burns & Electrical Injuries
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Lawyers for Burns & Electrical Injuries in North Carolina

The North Carolina and Raleigh burn injury lawyers at Martin & Jones have helped dozens of people who have suffered burn injuries.  Attorneys Forest Horne, Steven Corriveau and Hunt Willis negotiated a $9,250,000 settlement, just before trial, for a man suffering second and third-degree burns and a traumatic brain injury when a machine exploded in the factory where he worked.

Our North Carolina Burn Injury Lawyers Represent People Injured in Explosions

Our firm has represented workers injured in the 2009 ConAgra explosion, including the wife of a worker who died trying to save others.  Our firm has handled claims on behalf of the family members of tanker truck drivers who burned to death from explosions when the fuel tanker ignited during a collision.

Martin & Jones has ongoing investigations on behalf of workers severely burned from dust explosions and workers who have suffered the loss of arms or legs from electrocution burns.

Everyday Electrical Fire and Electrocution Hazards

Every year there are thousands of injuries directly related to electricity. The four main types of electricity-related injury are:

  1. Electric shock. Occurring when a person comes in contact with an electrical wire or piece of equipment that is not properly grounded, electric shock is when an electrical current flows through the body
  2. Electrocution. Death resulting from electric shock is called electrocution.
  3. Electrical burns. When an electrical current enters and exits the body, it causes electrical burns, pain and, sometimes, disfigurement.
  4. Fire-related burns. Injuries from a fire caused by an electrical malfunction are fire-related burns.
Questions about Burns & Electrical Injuries
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Electrical appliances, devices, and equipment in the workplace can pose significant risks for injury or death. Common cause of electrical hazards in the workplace are: 

  • Poor wiring and defective electric wires. Bad and damaged wiring increase the chances of fires and power surges.
  • Electrical overloads. This occurs when too many devices are plugged into a circuit and the current heats the wires, resulting in a fire. 
  • Overhead power lines. Power lines are typically not insulated. All it takes is contact with a line to cause electric shock or even electrocution. 
  • Ground faults. If there is an opening in an electrical circuit and the circuit is not grounded, merely touching a wire or plugging in a piece of equipment like an electric drill could result in shock and/or electrocution. 
  • Improperly covering electrical cords and wires. People sometimes cover electrical cords and wires thinking that this is safer than allowing for a potential trip and fall scenario or a situation where wires could become damaged. However, if the coverings over the wires are too heavy, this can lead to an overheating of the wires and a resulting electrical fire. Many people run electrical wires under rugs thinking this is safe when, in fact, it puts them at risk of an electrical fire. 
  • Outlets installed too close to water sources. Water conducts electricity. It is important to keep electrical outlets and appliances far away from water. Failing to do so can result in electrical shock. 
  • Improper use of light fixtures. In order to be used safely, lamps and other types of light fixtures require bulbs with the proper wattage. Installing a bulb that is too high for the lamp is a leading cause of electrical fire. 
  • Covering lampshades. Sometimes people cover their lampshades with cloth or paper. This creates a fire hazard and is never a good idea. 
  • Space heaters. Space heaters should never be placed near any type of combustible surfaces like rugs, curtains, bedding, chairs, or clothing. 
  • Misuse of extension cords. It is never a good idea to plug appliances designed for an outlet into an extension cord for an extended period of time. Extension cords are intended for temporary use only and not as a work-around when you don’t have the appropriate type of outlets for your electrical appliances. 
  • Pouring water on an electrical fire. Often, a person’s first instinct when they see a fire is to pour water on it. With an electrical fire, however, the water will tend to fuel the fire, potentially increasing its ferocity and ability to cause serious burn injuries.

Burn injuries can have a variety of causes and investigations of these incidents can be very complex, involving the use of mechanical and electrical engineers, coordination with state and federal agencies like O.S.H.A, and a detailed understanding of safe practices and procedures designed to protect industrial workers from injury and even death. These incidents can be caused by something as simple as faulty wiring and electronic equipment or something more complex such as improper ventilation procedures in a manufacturing facility.  Burns can result from chemical spills or explosions, electrocution or electrical shock, vehicle explosions and construction or factory site explosions.

Pursuing Compensation for Burn Victims 

Burn injuries can be painful, disfiguring and disabling, as well as costly to treat.  Given the difficulty many burn victims encounter in their recovery from burns, especially the need to keep the victim isolated to prevent secondary infection, it is often a victim’s family member who helps negotiate the legal processes involved in obtaining funds necessary for treatment.  

A Raleigh burn injury attorney who understands how complicated and critical these negotiations can be is vital to allowing a burn victim and their family to focus on healing and caring for their loved one.

Resources for Burn Injury Victims in North Carolina

There are two nationally recognized burn centers in North Carolina. The North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center is located in Chapel Hill, and the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Burn Center is located in Winston-Salem.

More resources for burn injuries victims and family members are listed below.

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