Premises Liability Claims

Business owners often receive economic benefit from your presence on their property, but when the negligence of the business causes a customer injury, that gives rise to a claim known as premises liability. Business owners must take reasonable and necessary precautions to protect customers and tenants from harm. Reasonable precautions include: warnings, adequate lighting, cameras, sufficient personnel, security systems, security guards, limited access and other means necessary for the time and the area. More security is needed at night, and obviously, a high crime area needs more security than a lower crime area. If you have been a victim of inadequate security, you need a lawyer that is experienced in premises liability.

A business does not guarantee your safety, but a business does have to provide reasonable precautions or at least warnings of dangers. Inadequate security often leads to tragic consequences in shopping centers, shopping areas, malls, hotels, night clubs, and apartment complexes. Many cases involve assaults.

For example, a potential assailant might stake out a convenient area that has lax security and await a victim. However, adequate security could discourage and deter the assailant from stalking this area.

Unfortunately, crime is a part of our society. Every day you see or hear news stories about someone being assaulted. Random and unprovoked assaults, in many instances, could have been prevented if the business was willing to spend a little of their profits for adequate security.

If you were assaulted or otherwise injured on someone else’s property, you may have a claim through the property owner’s liability insurance. We have successfully represented business visitors, mall employees, hotel guests, shoppers and other individuals injured on property because of hazardous or inadequate security. Call us if you have been injured. It is extremely important to investigate the facts immediately.