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How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

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We get the question a lot, what do personal injuries handle? What can they do for me in my particular situation?

And a lot of times we are referred to as "trial lawyers" because we bring to trial, we use the legal system and bring to trial claims on behalf of victims. And victims, in the way that I'm using the word, means that someone has gone out in their daily life, whether they're on the job at work, they could be driving to school or work, they could be taking their kids to camp, and someone has violated a safety rule that led to serious harm or even death.

We encounter safety rules all the time. Whether we're driving, we know we have to follow the speed limit. We know we can't drive drunk. We know we have to stop at red lights and stop signs. Whether you're on the work, you might encounter safety rules that protect workers like wearing hard hats or making sure that scaffolding is secured to a building.

There's all kinds of safety rules that we encounter in life. The safety rules are there to protect us all. When those safety rules are violated, and that violation leads to a serious harm, a personal injury attorney is often consulted to make a claim on behalf of the victim.

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