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How Can Technology Help My Vehicle Crash Case?

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Technology has made significant advancements in the auto industry, and it's made significant advancements in the trucking industry. It used to be years ago that you would never encounter this situation where a truck or even a personal automobile had a video recording device in the dashboard, but today, it's a common occurrence.

If you have someone involved early on, they can make sure that that recording is preserved, and we can oftentimes see exactly what happened in the wreck. So, the victim's rights are preserved immediately. Another way technology has advanced these claims, both residential and trucking is what we call the black box download. And a lot of us hear about that on airplanes and it deals with plane crashes, but believe it or not, nowadays, most residential automobiles and most tractor trailer or 18 wheelers have a black box in their engine.

And that black box is able to record and preserve important data like speeds, when did the car break? When did it make a turn? How long had it been driving without making a stop? All of those things are preserved by the black box data. It used to be that they were just preserved in big trucking cases, now, even residential auto cases have these black boxes. And it's important to get somebody immediately on your case who can retain the necessary experts that can go out and conduct downloads of that information, because if you leave it up to the insurance industry to protect that stuff, they're not going to.

If you don't have somebody advocating for you right away to make sure that that information is preserved, very often is lost.

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