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Settling Your Property Damage Claim Right After a Car Crash

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We get the question from a lot of clients that come to us about what to do when their vehicle's totaled, and they have no car to drive. Most people don't have multiple cars. They just have the one, and now it's totaled.

Well, it's okay, in many cases, to go ahead and resolve what we call the property damage claim, or just the part of your case that deals with getting what's called the fair market value for your vehicle. That means, most of the time, an insurance company is going to adjust and value your car, and the fair market value in the area that you live, and make payment to you to compensate for the loss of that property.

That helps you get into a new car. And so what we tell our clients is it's okay, most of the time, to go ahead and settle just your property damage so that you can get back into a vehicle that you and your family need.

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