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What Are My Legal Rights After a Car Crash in North Carolina?

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So we get asked, what are my rights? What legal rights do I have when something terrible like this happens? And the answer is you have a lot of rights. But it doesn't feel like that right away, because you're getting bombarded with medical bills, with calls from people trying to get a statement from you or from your family members. And it's actually your rights that are impacted by that, not theirs. The rights you have quite simply are to make a claim against the person who put you in that situation for what you've lost, for the harms and losses that you've suffered as a result of say a very terrible car crash. Those rights include compensation, money compensation for the damages that you suffered, medical expenses, lost wages. If you've got permanent impairment to your body, if you've lost a limb, or God forbid, if one of your loved ones has lost their life in one of these crashes, and you're the one making the claim on behalf of their estate, for what we call wrongful death. There are a whole host of legal rights associated with that claim. And in fact, they're very different from if someone was just injured. And so that is why it is important to retain a competent attorney in those cases very early on.

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