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CFPB Now Accepting Credit Reporting Complaints

By Martin & Jones on October 30, 2012

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced that it is accepting consumer complaints about credit reporting, providing consumers individual-level complaint assistance for the first time at the federal level. To file a credit reporting complaint, consumers can file online at Consumers can also lodge a complaint by phone at 1-855-411-CFPB (2372) or by fax at 1-855-237-2392. Complaints can be mailed to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, P.O. Box 4503, Iowa City, Iowa 52244.

The largest credit reporting companies issue more than three billion consumer reports a year and have files on more than 200 million Americans. Errors in a consumer report can shut consumers out of credit markets, jeopardize employment opportunities, or significantly increase the cost of financing purchases, such as for a car or house. Consumers should regularly monitor their credit report (consumers are allowed one free credit report per year via and promptly request correction of any errors. Consumers should first request the error be corrected by the consumer reporting agency itself before filing a complaint with the CFPB. Providing the consumer reporting agency the first opportunity to correct inaccurate information preserves important consumer rights guaranteed by federal consumer financial law. If the consumer is not satisfied with the resolution or if the consumer reporting agency does not respond, the consumer should then contact CFPB to lodge a complaint.