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Amtrak and Tractor Trailer Collision in Halifax Being Investigated

By Martin & Jones on March 19, 2015

State and federal investigators as well as the family of the most seriously injured passenger want to know why the railroad wasn’t notified of the tractor trailer stuck on the CSX-owned tracks the day an Amtrak collided into it at crossing in Halifax, North Carolina. At least 55 of the 213 passengers were injured, but most were not non-life threatening. However, one 85-year-old passenger suffered damage to her liver and lost a foot of her intestines, according to news reports.

News reports indicate that the route for the oversized tractor trailer had been cleared by the state. However, news reports also say that the railroad may not have been made aware as per protocol of the planned potentially difficult crossing by the tractor trailer. The tractor trailer was pulling an electrical distribution center and was described as “longer than half a football field” and required 13 axles to distribute the 255,000 pounds. The truck tried to navigate a sharp turn at the crossing of Highway 903 and 301.

Questions are also being raised about why no one called the railroad on the toll-free emergency number posted at the crossing to advise them of the situation.