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Major Commercial Vehicle Crashes Are Complex Scenarios For Injury Victims

By Hunt Willis on August 28, 2019

Legal cases involving major commercial motor vehicle wrecks can be some of the most complex scenarios a victim can face when figuring out whether they have a claim for serious injury and against whom.  Commercial motor vehicle companies and their insurers know this, which is why they are often on the scene the same day of a major wreck involving serious injury or fatalities.  Many times, the insurance industry has already sent a private attorney, investigator and/or accident reconstruction engineers to go out to the scene to take measurements, photographs and interview witnesses.

The victims, meanwhile, are not typically focused on an investigation because they are grieving or perhaps themselves hospitalized.  This is why the attorney a victim hires in a major motor vehicle wreck is all the more important.  Like the defense and insurance industry, our firm is experienced in hiring engineers to travel to the scene right away to gather important data and take their own measurements and photographs.  This could be evaluating the nature of debris left behind from the wreck, paint transfers to other vehicles or portions of the roadway, skid marks, gouge marks and imprints left from the impact that determine vehicle placement and speeds. This important evidence can be lost as time passes.  Major commercial vehicle crashes involving fatalities and serious injuries, like the one on August 27, 2019 on Interstate 40 near downtown Raleigh, can create complex and often very difficult scenario for victims if information and evidence is not quickly collected.