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Proposed Bill Puts Your Legal Rights at Risk

Your rights are at risk, and you need to know. You need to act. We all do.

It is a frightening reality that we have an economy based on the fattening of corporate wallets — that making a profit is valued above helping people, above the physical and financial safety of Americans.

A bill has been passed by the U. S. House of Representatives and is on its way to the U. S. Senate, that if enacted would essentially take away your right to hold corporations accountable for harm they do to you. Known as H.R 985, this bill would eliminate your right and the rights of all Americans to file a class action or multiple district litigation (MDL) proceeding. If class actions and the MDL process are done away with, the cost of pursuing cases for individuals for harm caused by companies to not only that one individual, but also to hundreds and thousands of other individuals, would not be affordable. Not as affordable as pursuing a single claim on behalf of them all as a group who have suffered the same injury caused by the same party.

If a company charges its customers an improper $25 fee, that’s $25 to you and me. But if that company has 10,000 customers, that’s $250,000 to them. Would you have the time and money to spend trying to get your $25 back? Unlikely. When an individual’s rights are violated by a large corporation, it is a David versus Goliath scenario. But when those individuals stand together, their voices are stronger and their rights resonate more deeply.

If we cannot hold companies accountable for the harm they cause or the wrong they do, we will basically be giving them the right to do whatever they want. There will be no incentive for companies to make safer products.

We ask and strongly encourage that our clients call their senators and make your voices heard, explaining how your rights were protected be being able to be part of a larger legal proceeding.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we hope you are able to help us continue protecting your rights.

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