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Was Your Truck Accident Caused by an Unsafe Load?

Truck accidents are some of the most serious accidents that occur on our roadways. Because of their size and weight, a truck accident typically involves extreme forces that can cause severe injuries to other drivers and even result in death. Many of these accidents are the result of negligence either on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company. This can include driver error or failure to properly maintain the truck. One common cause of truck accidents that is often overlooked, however, is unbalanced or unsecured loads. These accidents can be unique and present specific challenges to injured drivers who need to pursue a claim for compensation. As a result, you should talk to a Raleigh truck accident attorney about your case if you believe that it was caused by an unbalanced or unsecured load. 

Federal and State Law Govern Truck Loads

Trucking companies and drivers are required to comply with several different state and federal regulations when it comes to how trucks are loaded. These regulations include the following: 

  • When and how tie-downs must be used
  • Minimum number of tie-downs
  • Cargo placement
  • Limits concerning the weight, height, and width of loads

These regulations are intended to ensure that trucks are loaded safely. Unfortunately, trucking companies do not always comply with these regulations, resulting in a load that is unbalanced and unsafely secured. A Raleigh truck accident attorney can assess whether an unbalanced or unsecured load caused your truck accident. 

Why Unbalanced or Unsecured Loads Are Dangerous

Large trucks are capable of hauling a tremendous amount of cargo. When a truck is overloaded or its cargo is unbalanced or unsecured, it can significantly affect how the truck handles and its stopping distance. In turn, the loss of maneuverability can result in the following types of accidents: 

  • Overturn accidents are caused when the unsecured cargo shifts during a turn, causing the truck to tip over. 
  • Jackknife accidents are often caused by overloading, where the trailer wings around the cab at a 90-degree angle. 
  • Rear-end accidents occur when the truck is unable to stop in time to avoid an accident. 

In the event of an accident, the cargo itself can become a hazard to other drivers when it spills all over the road. Even if you or other drivers can avoid the truck, you may not be able to avoid the spilled cargo. The situation becomes even more dangerous if the truck was carrying hazardous materials that can explode or burst into flames in the event of an accident. 

Who May Be Liable

Determining who may be liable for your truck accident will depend on who is responsible for loading the truck, which may not be clear. The driver may have been responsible for loading the truck or ensuring that the cargo was secure, but lacked the proper training. Loading dock workers may have overloaded the truck or failed to properly secure the cargo. The trucking company may have pressured drivers to ignore cargo regulations in an attempt to maximize profits. Whatever the case may be, a truck accident attorney can determine who should be held accountable. 

Injured in a Truck Accident? Contact a Raleigh Truck Accident Attorney at Martin & Jones

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