Contingency Fee Basis

At Martin & Jones We Are Paid On A Contingency Fee Basis

Lawyers and law firms can be paid in different ways. Attorneys who defend insurance companies and big businesses are typically paid by their clients on an “hourly fee basis.” They send their clients a bill on a periodic basis (typically monthly bills) for the hours worked during that time period, and they’re paid each month throughout the life of a case. Lawyers billing on an hourly fee basis are paid whether they win or lose. Insurance companies and big businesses can afford to pay their lawyers the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to finance a case from beginning to end. Very few “real people” can afford to do that, so if hourly billing was the only way a lawyer could be paid, the vast majority of folks with a serious injury could not afford to bring a claim or lawsuit against a big business or insurance company.

Because Martin & Jones represents people instead of corporations, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we are not paid unless and until we win or settle your case. In other words, our clients pay us nothing while we’re working on their case. Indeed, we do not receive any fee until we obtain financial compensation for our client, and then our fee is a percentage of that recovery. It is often said that the contingent fee “keeps the courthouse doors open for everyone.” A contingency fee can be set at any percentage as long as it is fair. There are no secrets or surprises at Martin & Jones. We explain our contingent fee when a client first contacts us. Our contingent fees generally range from 25-40 percent of the total recovery, with the exact percentage based upon the complexity of the individual case.