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Raleigh Forceps Delivery Attorney Handling Birth Injury Claims
Raleigh Forceps Delivery Attorney Handling Birth Injury Claims
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Childbirth can be a traumatic experience for both the mother and child, especially when it is a difficult delivery. The doctors and nurses who work in labor and delivery wards are highly trained professionals who know what to do in critical moments. Unfortunately, accidents can still occur that can result in injury to your baby. While forceps deliveries are not as common as they once were, they still take place and, if not carefully performed, can cause serious harm to the baby. A Raleigh forceps delivery attorney can review your case and explain your options if your baby was injured during a forceps delivery. 

How Forceps Are Used During Delivery

Forceps are large, hinged instruments that are similar to tongs with spoon-shaped ends to fit a baby’s head. They are used during the birthing process to gently grasp the baby’s head and then position or pull the baby through the birth canal. Forceps may be used during delivery in the following situations: 

  • They can be used to move the baby if it is in an awkward position for delivery.
  • They can protect the baby’s head from the perineum during a premature delivery.
  • Forceps can be used to expedite delivery when there are concerns about the baby’s heart rate or that it is otherwise in distress.
  • The mother is unable to push due to health conditions or having received an epidural.
  • The mother has been laboring unsuccessfully for several hours or some other period of time prescribed by her doctor.

Forceps should only be used by medical professionals who have received sufficient training. Using forceps at the wrong time or in the wrong way can cause injury to the mother and the child. If you or your child suffered injuries as a result of using forceps during delivery, you should discuss your case with a Raleigh forceps delivery attorney. 

Birth Injuries Caused by Forceps

While the use of forceps may be sometimes necessary, there are risks associated with their use, especially if they are used improperly. Some of the birth injuries commonly caused by the use of forceps include the following:  

  • Brachial plexus injuries: The brachial plexus is a network of nerves in the shoulder that controls sensation and movement of the arms and hands. Forceps deliveries can press on the baby’s shoulders, stretching or tearing the brachial plexus nerves. Erb’s palsy is a common brachial plexus injury. 
  • Skull fractures: Improper positioning of the forceps or using too much force can cause fractures of the baby’s skull bones.
  • Intracranial hemorrhage: Pressure from the forceps can cause blood vessels to rupture resulting in internal cranial bleeding.
  • Cephalohematoma: Similar to an intracranial hemorrhage, forceps deliveries can cause a pooling of the blood between the baby’s skull and the membrane covering the skull bones. 
  • Hydrocephalus: Excess pressure on the head can cause swelling that blocks the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. This can cause internal swelling that can result in permanent brain damage.
  • Facial injuries: The use of forceps can cause lacerations, bruising, or facial nerve damage in the baby, particularly around the eyes and cheeks.
  • Eye injuries: Improper placing of the forceps can cause injuries to the eye such as corneal trauma that can lead to long-term vision impairment. 
  • Spinal cord injuries: rotational force on the spine can cause harm to the spinal cord of your baby. In some instances, it can result in permanent paralysis.  

Mothers can also suffer injuries from the use of forceps, including damage to the pelvic floor, pelvic organ prolapse, hemorrhaging, or vaginal tears. If you or your child have been injured as a result of a forceps delivery, you should discuss your case with a Raleigh forceps delivery attorney. 

Forceps Deliveries and Medical Malpractice

While forceps deliveries do carry specific risks, they are not inherently dangerous. You may be able to hold your doctor accountable if your baby was injured in a forceps delivery. Some of the situations where you may be able to pursue a medical malpractice claim include the following: 

  • The doctor lacked the training and experience to use the forceps safely
  • The baby is more than six weeks premature
  • The baby’s position is unknown
  • The baby is leading with arms rather than the head
  • The mother isn’t fully dilated
  • There are reasonable concerns that the baby may not fit through the birth canal
  • The doctor waited too long or refused to perform a Cesarean section 
  • The doctor ignored or failed to recognize signs of fetal distress
  • There was no backup plan if the forceps delivery became too difficult or dangerous
  • Excessive use of force or pulling too hard
  • Using the wrong type or forceps
  • The doctor failed to obtain your informed consent 

The fact that you or your child were injured is not sufficient to prove that medical malpractice occurred. You must prove that the doctor failed to provide the same level of care as a doctor with the same education, training, and experience would provide in the same situation. This can be very difficult for non-lawyers to prove. To prove your case, you will need clear and compelling evidence that demonstrates how the doctor’s negligence caused the harm and how you and your child have suffered as a result. To get the compensation you and your child deserve, the best thing to do is work with an experienced Raleigh forceps delivery attorney. 

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