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Durham Types of Truck Accidents
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A Durham Truck Accident Lawyer Representing Victims in All Types of Truck Accidents

There are a wide variety of truck accidents that can result in serious injuries and even death. Understanding the specific type of accident that caused your injuries and the unique causes involved is vital to pursuing a successful claim. If you have been injured in a truck accident, a Durham truck accident lawyer from Martin & Jones has the knowledge and experience you need to rebuild your life. 

Underride Accidents

Due to the fact that most trucks ride higher than the average passenger vehicle, underride accidents occur when an automobile slides under the truck. They usually occur under the trailer or rear of the truck, and typically result in severe injuries and often fatalities. They are common in rear-end accidents but can also happen when the truck sideswipes the other vehicle. 

The most common type of accident is where a passenger vehicle slams into the rear corner of the truck. These accidents commonly occur in poor weather, low visibility situations, or when the truck is stopped on the side of the road. Regrettably, many of these accidents are also the result of tailgating by the passenger vehicle. 

Because these accidents are so dangerous, regulations have been implemented that require trucks to have guards and other safety features to prevent this from happening. In addition, trucks must have functioning brake lights, reflective tape, and warning lights for when they are parked. 

As a result of these regulations, you should not assume that the accident was your fault if you rear-ended a truck and it resulted in an underride accident. They may not have had the necessary safety features installed or in operation, or may have been negligently parked. Before making any decisions, you should discuss your case with a Durham truck accident lawyer. 

Override Accidents

An override accident occurs when a large truck, usually the cab, drives over another vehicle. As with underride accidents, override accidents often result in fatalities and severe injuries as the occupants of the other vehicle are crushed by the truck. While underride accidents are often due to negligent driving on the part of the victim, override accidents are more likely to be caused by the negligence of the truck driver. That doesn’t mean, however, that your case will be easy to prove. The trucking company will likely deny liability or may even say that the accident was your fault. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your accident, you should meet with a Durham truck accident lawyer and ask them to evaluate your case. 

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident is when the trailer swings out from the cab of the truck. The driver then loses control of the truck and trailer, often resulting in a rollover accident. The truck can crash into other vehicles on the road. In other situations, it may spill its cargo onto the road, creating a hazard for other drivers in addition to the truck itself. It is called a “jackknife” accident because the trailer swings out from the cab, much like a jackknife blade swings out from the handle of the knife. 

Jackknife accidents are generally caused by hard, sudden braking where the driver applies the brakes for the cab but doesn’t have time to engage the trailer brakes. While this is sometimes unavoidable, many of these accidents are caused by negligence on the part of the truck driver. For example, many jackknife accidents are caused by the following: 

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Braking too hard or too late
  • Entering a turn too late

Driver inexperience or a lack of training may also be a factor. Many of these accidents are also the result of mechanical failures  – worn tires, faulty brake systems, or broken trailer mechanisms. Both the driver and the trucking company may be at fault. A Durham truck accident lawyer can help you identify the cause of your accident and hold the appropriate parties accountable. 

Cargo Accidents

Large trucks serve an important purpose in our economy – they deliver the goods and materials we need in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, the cargo they are hauling can cause serious accidents. 

Some of these accidents are due to improper loading. When a driver picks up a load, the people loading it may fail to ensure that it is balanced or properly secured. And while the driver should inspect the load before departing, the issues may not be immediately apparent. Trucks handle differently when loaded and require greater stopping distances. When that load is unbalanced or isn’t properly secured, the truck doesn’t handle or stop predictably, increasing the possibility of an accident. 

In some cases, such as a rollover, the truck itself may not have struck any other vehicles. Unfortunately, cargo spilled onto the road creates an obvious hazard to other drivers. Accidents occur when drivers have to swerve or stop suddenly to avoid the cargo spilled on the road. The cargo itself can be dangerous to other drivers, especially hazardous materials such as fuel or toxic substances. Crashing into spilled cargo can cause severe injuries to drivers or result in injuries in addition to those suffered in the original accident.

One of the biggest challenges in cargo accidents is determining who should be held responsible. You may have to pursue a claim against the truck driver, the trucking company, the party who loaded the truck, or even other drivers. A Durham truck accident lawyer can help you untangle these questions in order to get the compensation you deserve. 

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