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$5 Million Settlement For Forklift Mechanic Left For Dead By Trucker On I-95

Boyce Hamer was a forklift mechanic on his way to repair a forklift when a North American Van Lines tractor trailer came into his lane. The rear bar of the tractor trailer caught the bumper of Boyce’s van and threw it down the road, flipping the van multiple times. Boyce’s tools blocked I-95. When the North American Van Line driver saw that the road was blocked, he fled the scene. Fortunately, good Samaritans from South Carolina and Maryland saw a University of Connecticut logo on the side of the North American Van Line truck before it fled the scene. Boyce was severely injured and airlifted to Duke University Medical Center. After three weeks in intensive care, his wife called Martin & Jones. Martin & Jones began scouring the state of Connecticut to find the local franchisee of North American Van Lines that had a trailer with the University of Connecticut logo. When North American Van Lines denied any involvement, Martin & Jones sued every franchise in Connecticut as well as North American Van Lines. After much investigation and repeated denials by North American Van Lines, North American Van Lines settled for $5,000,000.00 on the first day of trial. Although Boyce was seriously injured and will never work again, he and his wife have been able to move to Tennessee and start a new life.

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