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Truck Driver Whose Legs Were Crushed Receives $3.05 Million Settlement

Our client was a wrecker truck driver who was injured in a collision near Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The defendant had flown into RDU on a business trip and was leaving the airport when she rear-ended a disabled vehicle that was stalled on an exit ramp. The disabled vehicle was pushed forward, trapping our client between the front of the disabled car and the rear of the wrecker truck. The flashing warning lights of the wrecker were in operation, but the defendant denied seeing them.

Our client suffered bilateral crushes to both legs, including fibular fractures and a degloving injury (ripping off all skin) to the soft tissue of the left calf. He was hospitalized for 30 days and underwent skin grafts to the left calf and left thigh to cover large open defects. He later had outpatient surgery to reconstruct the ACL of his right knee and arthroscopy to remove inflamed synovial tissue from this left ankle.

After Martin & Jones filed suit and conducted numerous depositions, there was a court-ordered mediation. Soon after the mediation and two weeks before the trial date, the case settled for $3.05 million.

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