Dangerous & Defective Products

Helping People Harmed By Dangerous Or Defective Products

In the chaos following a tragic situation that causes a severe injury or the death of a loved one, you may not realize you have rights to recovery beyond pursuing those responsible for the accident or mistake.

When a person is harmed by a defective or dangerous product, that person — or those left behind — can seek compensation for losses suffered with a product liability claim. For example, a poorly designed artificial hip could break down, causing shavings and other debris to get lodged in surrounding tissues, resulting in painful inflammation, bone necrosis and infection; transvaginal mesh products have caused significant damage to individuals seeking relief from urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse; a defective air bag may be the primary cause of severe injury or death in a motor vehicle accident; a faulty space heater or kitchen stove may cause a fire that injures family members.

Problems With Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers spend millions developing products that are supposed to improve our daily lives. Unfortunately, testing for these new devices is sometimes rushed or inadequate, and these products are pushed into the marketplace when they are not completely safe, jeopardizing the health and safety of patients.

Defects in the design or manufacturing of these products leave patients with lasting and sometimes fatal injuries. Often, by the time the hazards are realized, thousands of people have been injured or killed.

Committed To Obtaining Compensation For Injury Victims Throughout The U.S.

At Martin & Jones, our lawyers have decades of experience handling many types of personal injury and product liability claims. If you suffered a serious injury — or if a loved one died — because of a defective product, we will protect your rights to compensation.

You and your family use various products every day and rely on manufacturers to create items that are safe. Unfortunately, defective designs, failure to follow safety rules and newly developed problems with products can lead to catastrophic and fatal injuries. Common examples include:

  • Medical devices: Improperly designed hip replacement devices leading to recalls after surgical implants
  • Medications: Unreported side effects, serious adverse reactions or deadly interactions that lead to prescription recalls
  • Motor vehicles: Recalls of defective auto parts such as air bags, inadequate safety restraints and faulty ignition switches

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