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Let a North Carolina Elmiron Lawyer Help if You’ve Suffered Vision Problems After Use of the Medication 

Martin & Jones is evaluating claims that long term use of Elmiron causes maculopathy and/or other serious vision problems.  Elmiron is a drug prescribed to treat bladder pain caused by interstitial cystitis (“IC”), suffered primarily by women.  Elmiron is the only FDA approved drug to treat the condition, more commonly referred to as “bladder pain syndrome,” which includes symptoms of chronic bladder pain, urinary frequency, and painful sexual intercourse. If you believe you have a dangerous product claim, we encourage you to contact a North Carolina Elmiron attorney at our firm. 

Research Studying Maculopathy and Other Dangers of Elmiron  

In 2018, researchers found a link between Elmiron and pigmentary maculopathy, a unique ocular injury that can result in permanent vision loss and blindness.  Medical experts are suggesting that people who have taken Elmiron for six months or more undergo ophthalmic evaluation with retinal imaging.  Potential symptoms of pigmentary maculopathy include:

  • Difficulty of eyes adjusting to dim lighting or darkness
  • Difficulty reading
  • Dark spot in the field of vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Seeing muted, less vibrant colors

Prior to June 16, 2020, the product labeling for Elmiron did not include a warning for pigmentary maculopathy or any form of maculopathy or retinopathy.  The label was changed in June 2020 to read: “ Pigmentary changes in the retina, reported in the literature as pigmentary maculopathy, have been identified with long-term use of ELMIRON.  Although most of the cases occurred after three years of use or longer, cases have been seen with a shorter duration of use.  While the etiology is unclear, cumulative dose appears to be a risk factor.”  

In December 2020, an MDL was established for the federal cases and centralizing the cases in New Jersey before the Honorable Brian Martinotti.  The plaintiffs allege that the manufacturers never provided any warnings of maculopathy or retinopathy associated with the drug or warned patients to obtain regular eye exams to monitor vision in until the label was updated in June 2020.

Visit One of Our Many Office Locations to Speak with an Elmiron Attorney. 

If you have taken Elmiron for six months or longer and have suffered an injury, please contact Martin & Jones for a free evaluation with an Elmiron lawyer. Our offices are conveniently located in Raleigh, Durham, and Wilmington, and we are skilled in harmful medication cases.  

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