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Workplace Injuries Caused by Hazardous Machinery
Workplace Injuries Caused by Hazardous Machinery
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Heavy machinery is present in numerous workplaces, but especially in industrial settings and construction sites. And while modern machinery comes with various standard safety features, the reality is that these machines are still very dangerous. As a result, they can cause serious injuries and even death in the blink of an eye. If you have been injured at work by heavy machinery, get the help you need by contacting a North Carolina hazardous machinery accident lawyer. 

Hazardous Machinery Can Cause Debilitating Injuries

Heavy machinery can cause a wide variety of injuries that can result in long-term or even permanent disabilities. These injuries can arise from machines that are malfunctioning due to negligent maintenance, have defective parts, or are missing safety features. Whatever the cause may have been, a North Carolina hazardous machinery accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need after suffering an injury such as the following: 

  • Deep lacerations or puncture/penetration wounds
  • Crushed limbs, hands, feet, fingers, or toes
  • Loss of vision or hearing
  • Facial and dental injuries
  • Thermal, electrical, or chemical burns
  • Amputations

Hazardous machinery can cause injuries that can change your life forever. Protect yourself and your family by getting the help you need. 

Workers’ Compensation May Be Your Best Option

Most accidents involving hazardous machinery are unforeseeable. Thankfully, workers’ compensation can pay important benefits almost immediately following your accident: 

  • All of your medical expenses arising from your accident; and
  • Up to two-thirds of your average weekly income prior to your accident

You may be able to pursue a claim against the manufacturer if the machinery was defective or if the accident was the fault of some other third party. 

How a North Carolina Hazardous Machinery Accident Lawyer Can Help 

To receive your benefits, you need to complete the necessary paperwork and follow the process for filing a workers’ compensation claim. You are not required to hire an attorney to file a workers’ comp claim, but many claims filed by non-lawyers are initially denied. A knowledgeable North Carolina hazardous machinery accident lawyer can discuss your options so that you can make an informed decision concerning how to proceed. If you choose to file a claim, they can help you complete the necessary forms and navigate the claim process as quickly as possible.

Contact Martin & Jones if You Need Help

If you have been injured at work by heavy machinery, a North Carolina hazardous machinery accident lawyer from Martin & Jones can help you put it behind you. To discuss your workers’ compensation claim, contact us today at 800-662-1234 to schedule a free consultation.

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