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How We Are Still Helping Injured People

By Martin & Jones on April 28, 2020

At Martin & Jones, our attorneys and staff continue to provide our injured clients with the same level of service, legal advocacy, and results on which our decades long reputation has been built. Everything that we do is about maximizing our injured clients’ recoveries under the law. Even during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to aggressively pursue compensation for our clients, even if “virtually.”  Our work on behalf of our clients has continued by our attorneys conducting courtroom hearings, depositions and mediations in our state-of-the-art conference center, and meeting with new clients “virtually” via Skype, Zoom, or teleconference.

We continue to investigate potential claims for negligently injured people, including trucking and vehicle collision claims, workers’ compensation claims — including work injuries and occupational diseases, and claims for professional negligence and defective products. For example, Forest Horne recently scheduled and held a video-teleconference hearing presided over by the judge located at the courthouse, and the other attorneys located at their offices and our clients appearing while safely in their homes.

Hunt Willis has conducted multiple court-ordered mediated settlement conferences in vehicle negligence claims. Hunt refuses to allow the virus to delay obtaining full compensation for his injured clients.

Steven Corriveau, whose practice focuses on workers’ compensation claims, has also conducted mediations and conferences to advance his workers’ compensation clients’ claims. With the technology available to Steven and his staff, our workers’ compensation clients are assured the same high level of service and legal advice throughout the negotiation process. While every case is different, mediations conducted “virtually” may have the added benefit of saving clients both time and resources. When done this way, settlement negotiations begin earlier and tend to take less time.

Obviously, some matters in certain cases need to be conducted in person, and our attorneys guide our clients in the claim process from the first call until the final resolution. Our firm has been utilizing the most modern technology to the fullest extent possible to keep our clients’ cases moving toward a final resolution at the earliest possible time. Forest, Hunt and Steven have all resolved cases for their clients in the months of March and April, and they will continue to use every resource in their arsenal to prevent recent events from delaying the claims of Martin & Jones’ clients.